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The IRRI Endowment

IRRl's most important job is to responsibly use, share, and safeguard the world's thousands of rice varieties so they are available for future generations. If rice is to adapt to climate change and survive disease and Insect pests, this diversity must be protected and carefully managed.

The International Rice Genebank at IRRI holds more than one hundred thousand rice varieties collected over five decades from almost every country in the world. It's a priceless collection of biodiversity that is widely recognized as the last line of defense between Asia and possible famine. It holds cultural icons such as jasmine rice from Thailand and basmati rice from South Asia, and is already playing a vital role in research to adapt rice to climate change.

It's a public facility whose information is available - via the Internet - to anyone, anywhere, anytime

Gifts to the IRRI endowment support not only the genebank but the institute's day-to-day operations and programs, which are fundamental to the Institute's continued success.They help maintain the integrity and excellence of a great scientific institution, and they ensure that we maintain the world-class quality of our scientific and support staff.