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The Delivery Fund

Commitment and Planning
To successfully introduce new technologies to millions of the poorest households takes resources, commitment, and careful planning, but most importantly it takes understanding and partnership. What works in India may not work in Indonesia and the needs of a Korean rice farmer are quite different from those of a farmer from Cambodia - but all should have access to new knowledge.

Sometimes even the best and most useful technologies fail to achieve the impact they should because the right investments have not been made to get them properly delivered to those who need them most. Many farmers have been growing the same rice varieties for years, even though better ones are available. We want to help them change.

Focus on Poor Households
For poor farmers, it's not just about price or access, it's also about usefulness and safety. It's about culture and how a technology is introduced to them, by whom and why. IRRI, together with its many partners, has been helping such farmers for half a century - we've done a lot so far, but with your help we can do a whole lot more.