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The People Fund

The Best of the Best
IRRl needs to attract the world's most brilliant thinkers to solve the toughest problems facing rlce production, global food security, and rural poverty.The Institute needs to engage the pioneers who shape the academic frontiers In plant breeding and the environmental sciences. Most importantly, lRRl needs to retain senior scientists so they can both mentor younger researchers and have the freedom and resources to continue to do their own vital research.

The Finest Young Minds
lRRl is determined to provide access to the best scientific education regardless of one's background. We strive to balance intellectual development with public service to inspire learning Inside and outside the laboratory and classroom. Our master's, PhD, and postdoctoral programs bring together the best scholarcfrnm mnrp than 20 nations as diverse as the United States, Laos, France, and Myanmar.

World-Class Staff
lRRI has more than 1,000 world-class scientific and support staff working at its main campus in the Philippines and around its network of ofices in Asia and Africa. Heading our research are more than 100 internationally recruited scientists. Many are leaders in their fields and almost half are from developing countries. The Institute is also seeking to develop a series of endowed chairs to lead the way in rice research.