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The Facilities Fund

To attract the world's best and brightest, IRRI must have world-class facilities. But that's not all. To conduct cutting-edge science, the Institute also needs access to the most advanced technologies and equipment. We need to equip cherished historical buildings for new ways of research, teaching, and learning, and we must be a model for environmentally sound development and operations.

As Asia's oldest and largest International research institute, the lRRl campus is In a state of constant evolution to meet the scientific demands of the 21st century.The Institute is also a showcase facility that Is visited by thousands of scientist. every year from around the world who come to see the very latest in techniques and equipment.

IRRl has 27,000 square meters of laboratories and research offices specializing in various fields, including the development of elite rice varieties, soil and water sciences, and the study of grain quality. Although the first priority is research, these laboratories also serve as high-quality training facilities for the latest technologies.

Training Center
IRRI's Training Center has everything for trainers and trainees, including accommodation, Internet lounges, food outlets, a coffee shop, and a fitness center.

The IRRl Experimental Farm
Home to one of the world's oldest continuous cropping experiments, the 252-hectare farm is a living laboratory that provides vital data and support for the Institute's research.

Greenhouses and Screenhouses
IRRl has more than 31,000 square meters of greenhouses and screenhouses that play a fundamental role in all our rice breeding work, especially in such areas as climate change.

Library, Riceworld Visitors Center, and Conference Facilities
The IRRI Library is home to the world's largest collection of books and literature related to rice, while Riceworld hosts more than 50,000 visitors a year, providing them with information on all aspects of the world's most important crop.