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The Discovery Fund

Scientific discovery and the translation of that knowledge into meaningful impact on the lives of millions is arguably the most exciting aspect of science. Because rice touches so much of our life - the food we eat, the environment we live in, the culture that defines us - breakthroughs in rice research have the potential to have an extraordinary impact.

This is science at its best. Science not only for the poor, but science that will help make your children healthier, stronger, and smarter. It is science that will also help protect and preserve the environment for your children and leave them a better world in which to live.

Research Reaching Millions
The Institute has an extraordinarily rich and diverse research program that can be viewed in depth on its Web site at It's focused on ground-breaking science to unlock the secrets of rice biodiversity and find the new genes needed to develop the improved rice varieties wanted by farmers: rice varieties that use water, fertilizer, and labor more efficiently while being more nutritious for consumers and adapted to climate change and the environment.

Real Results
IRRl is rigorously reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it maintains its focus and impact. Our many donors also insist on the highest standards - not just scientifically but also in other areas such as education and management.