IRRI and rice face many challenges- in the 21st century. Your generous support will make it possible for us to overcome these challenges and ensure there is never an empty bowl in Asia or around the world.

A partner you can trust
You can rest assured that every amount donated will be spent wisely and for maximum impact. IRRI is governed by a Board of Trustees, operates to audited international financial standards, and is an established and trusted partner of governments, NGOs, and donors across Asia and around the world.

The Institute is also a registered 501 (c) (3) charitable organization under U.S. law and a registered tax deductible charity in the Philippines and the IRRI Fund is a registered charity in Singapore.

Donate now by credit card

Your secured donations via credit card will be processed by our partner, Give2Asia Give2Asia is a U.S. 501(c)3 public charity that promotes and inspires philanthropy by delivering services that meet the needs of donors. Founded in 2001 by The Asia Foundation, Give2Asia serves 8,500 donors in the United States, resulting in over $130 million in charitable donor-advised giving for Asia.

Give2Asia allows U.S. donors maximum tax deductibility. Non-U.S. donors can also donate through this route.

Ways to give

The best way to give depends on your goals and interests. We are dedicated to helping you find the gift method that best suits your personal goals. Our staff will work with you in confidence to discuss your preferences.

You can choose whether your gift will be used to help IRRI meet immediate or mid-term goals, or whether it's left in perpetuity through an endowment. Contact the IRRI Fund to find out more.

1. Monetary gifts
Can be made by check or bank transfer. Checks should be made payable to the Fund for the International Rice Research Institute Fund (Singapore) Limited.

2. Planned gifts
Provide regular support to IRRI's research over the long term.

3. Gifts of securities
Includes stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

4. Gifts of real property
Can include land, farms, personal residences, and rental and commercial property as well as art and antiques.

5. Pledges
Promise a gift and make payments over time. Pledges enable you to give more generously than what you could through a single contribution. Payments can be made in the form of cash or regular bank transfers, in securities, or in other types of assets. You can pay over a period of up to five years in annual, semi-annual, or quarterly installments, with payments to begin at your convenience.

6. Create your own gift fund
The most appropriate fund for your own personal goals.