About us

The IRRI Fund supports IRRI programmes through partnership development and fundraising efforts. IRRI, or the International Rice Research Institute, is a non-profit independent research and training organisation. Founded in 1960, it operates in almost every Asian nation with the mission to reduce poverty and hunger, improve the health of rice farmers and consumers while ensuring environmental sustainability through collaborative research, public-private partnerships and the strengthening of national agricultural research.

Our Mission
IRRI aims to reduce poverty and hunger, and improve the health of rice and farmers and consumers. We want to ensure environmental sustainability through collaborative research and partnerships, as well as strengthen national agricultural research ans extension systems in the nations of Asia and around the world.

Our Goal
  1. Reduce poverty through improved and diversified rice-based system.
  2. Ensure that rice production is sustainable and stable, has minimal negative environmental impact, and can cope with climate change.
  3. Improve the nutrition and health of poor rice consumers and farmers.
  4. Provide equitable access to information and knowledge on rice and help develop the next generation of rice scientists.
  5. Provide rice scientists and producers with the genetic information and material they need to develop improved technologies and enhance rice production.