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Help find a lasting solution to world hunger by supporting our vitally important research work. While emergency food aid helps ease suffering in times of famine, our scientists work to develop the technology, tools and knowledge poor communities need to feed themselves sustainably in even the toughest of times. To borrow from a well known saying: Give a man a bowl of rice and you feed him for a day, teach him how to grow it and you feed him for a lifetime.

For decades, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has welcomed the best and brightest scientific minds from around the world to dedicate their careers to solving perhaps the most important humanitarian challenge facing us today – how to feed the poor sustainably.

Imagine this—no more emergency food aid needed after a crippling drought, or, farmers still growing rice after a monsoon flood. With your support, all this is possible. This is science at its best. Science that protects and sustains the environment and is freely available to all. Science and knowledge for the world’s poor, especially the poor farmers who work each day to help feed us. If rice is life, then your support gives life.It does this by focusing on the humble rice farmer and providing him or her with the best possible technologies, tools, and information available to grow rice in whatever the conditions, such as droughts, floods, or pestilence. To be a great rice scientist takes not just a PhD from a great university – of which IRRI has many – but years of commitment and experience working in the fields alongside farmers.

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Rice breeding - having a billion dollar impact!